Tridex provides both comprehensive 3D, thermal, multispectral and GPR scanning services as well as the data organization and visualization services required to fully understand and exploit the massive level of information we are able to provide our clients.

Tridex can be divided into two interlocking divisions: Data Acquisition and Intelligent Solutions.

Our Data Acquisition division is responsible for deploying and operating our imaging equipment throughout the world. The job may call for a half-day thermal scanning project for a metropolitan hospital, a 3D LiDAR scan of an as-built oil refinery or a multispectral and 3D topographical scan of an entire country. Our fully trained and certified field teams are responsible for the precision capture of the raw scanning data which feeds our Intelligent Solutions division. Tridex has the equipment and technicians to capture data using the following technologies:

  • Static LiDAR
  • Mobile and Aerial LiDAR
  • Mobile and Aerial Multispectral
  • Thermal Scanning
  • Ground Penetrating Radar

The Tridex Intelligent Solutions division is responsible for processing the raw scan data and transforming it into an easy-to-use interactive visual database. Whether the project calls for simple cad model for an office remodel, a fully tagged intelligent P&ID model or an ability to identify national biomass and visualize an efficient logistical route from resource to port, our technicians, programmers and 3D designers deliver the data our clients need as well as the tools required to interact and manipulate the visual database. Our services are used for an amazing array of commercial, municipal and national development projects. 

Tridex hybrid scanning and 3D visualization systems save time and allow government agencies to manage national resources and efficiently review options related to urban planning, historic preservation, public safety and transportation projects. Read More »

From a single building to a university campus to an entire municipal district, Tridex Intelligent Systems allow municipal managers, engineers and administrators to quickly visualize available assets as well as utilization data and repurposing options. Read More »

Tridex Intelligent Systems combine our comprehensive scanning technologies with industry-specific asset and project data to deliver extremely accurate resource maps, logistical planning tools and fully interactive as-built P&ID models. Read More »